FDA BUSTED in Amputation Scandal!

Dear Reader,

For years, Jane was just like the millions of other Americans living with diabetes.

She watched her blood sugar and she took the medications that were supposed to help her.

Fast forward to today: Jane is a double amputee, and the drug she was taking may be to blame.

A common diabetes med has now been shown to more than double your risk of losing a limb.

The FDA has known about the risk since at least last year… and they sat on their hands while countless Americans were put in harm’s way.

In 2013, a new diabetes drug hit the market with force.

It’s called Invokana. And, after years of gruesome side effects and horror stories, the FDA has finally started sounding the alarm about its major risks.

Last year, a study revealed that patients taking Invokana – and other drugs containing canagliflozin – for diabetes are actually twice as likely to lose a finger, a toe, or even a limb from complications with the disease.

And what did the FDA do when it goes this information? Not a damn thing.

The FDA actually sat on this information for over a year – putting countless lives in jeopardy while they mulled over the facts!

Instead of issuing warning labels or releasing a statement, the FDA quietly posted a “safety alert” on its website – where ABSOLUTELY NOBODY would see it. They claimed that more investigation was needed.

As in, let’s see more amputated legs and toes before we do anything. Can you believe it?

Well, it looks like these dim-witted bureaucrats have finally seen enough, because the FDA is finally warning that: “Based on new data from two large clinical trials… the type 2 diabetes medicine canagliflozin causes an increased risk of leg and foot amputations.”

And we all know that it must be dire if the FDA is willing to step on Big Pharma’s toes like this.

But a lot of people have suffered needlessly while the FDA stalled and hoped the problem would go away.

In fact, the past director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, Dr. Sidney Wolfe, tried to stop Invokana from being approved in the first place.

Wolfe presented evidence of this drug’s risks to the FDA’s drug advisory committee prior to the 2013 release date. But, unfortunately for so many patients, Invokana went to market, anyway.

What’s more? It turns out the FDA was quietly monitoring the drug, all along!

So, even though they’ve been allowing doctors to prescribe Invokana to patients since 2013, it looks like they’ve never been fully confident in its safety.

Basically they allowed Big Pharma to make a fortune off of the drug while we were all guinea pigs.

Even without 100% confirmation that Invokana would literally cost people life and limb, the FDA knew all along that there were many other risks to diabetes drugs in the same family.

They’re called SGLT2 inhibitors and they work by dumping glucose into your urine which can cause low blood pressure, kidney and heart damage, ketoacidosis, and dehydration.

If you or someone you love has been prescribed a drug containing canagliglozin (especially Invokana), contact your doctor immediately to discuss a new plan of action. Your health and independence could be at stake.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health