FDA Admits MAJOR Drug Screw-Up

Dear Reader,

This could be one of the biggest screw-ups in FDA history…

…and it could end up costing hundreds, if not thousands, of people their lives.

In just the first three months of 2017, the FDA has admitted that 14 major drugs and drug classes were FAR more dangerous than we ever knew.

These meds run the gamut from eye drops to diabetes meds that MILLIONS of seniors rely on.

Our government had every opportunity to stop the carnage.

But now we need to take matters into our own hands… and get these potential killers out of our medicine cabinets FAST.

I didn’t know these guys showed up to work before noon… but the folks at the FDA have been busy beavers in 2017.

They’ve issued “safety updates” to major drugs that are already making Big Pharma a fortune (while putting us all at risk).

Of course, let me tell you what a “safety update” really means – the FDA rubber-stamped these meds without having ANY CLUE as to their long-term effects.

And that’s absolutely criminal.

The watch list, posted in the last week of June, reveals that 14 of the prescription meds that the FDA already okayed are actually far more hazardous than we’ve been told.

And that’s only in the first three months of the fiscal year!

The list includes sodium-glucose inhibitors (diabetes meds like Invokana and Jardiance) linked to kidney stones, dangerously low blood sugar levels, and muscle deterioration.

For anticonvulsant med levetiracetam (sold as Keppra, Elepsia, and Levetiractam), the label will now warn about risk for acute kidney injury.

And the weight-loss drug Alli… the same one that can cause you to soil your pants… is now being investigated for serious psychiatric events.

Some drugs weren’t even coming with the right instructions!

Two forms of the antibiotic daptomycin (Cubicin and Cubicin RF) need new labels because they weren’t being stored or administered properly.

Who knows how many people were put in harm’s way?

And the list doesn’t end there.

I’ve said it plenty of times before… the FDA is using us as guinea pigs, approving drugs for their Big Pharma masters without having any idea about the dangers.

Click here for the FDA’s latest quarterly watch list in its entirely.

If you are currently prescribed one – or more – of these drugs, contact your doctor immediately.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health

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