Big Pharma

EXPOSED: Is YOUR Doc on the Big Pharma Payroll

They’re supposed to look out for our best interests at all costs.

But are tons of mainstream doctors secretly on Big Pharma’s payroll?

Well, a new study out of Drexel shows that it’s more than likely. An outrageous number of doctors – more than we could have ever imagined – are actually taking money from pharmaceutical companies and going on to push their drugs.

And this isn’t chump change we’re talking about, either. Doctors like Robert Jackson out of Kansas City, MO took 46 payments totaling $38 million in 2016, alone.

It’s a sinister practice. More often than not these gifts have a major influence on the prescriptions that doctors end up writing.

Luckily, we know how to find out if your doctor is in bed with Big Pharma. And if so, for exactly how much.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that after a $500 meal with Pfizer, a doctor would definitely be motivated to push Pfizer’s drugs.

But Drexel’s research had some truly shocking results.

No one imagined that more than two-thirds of us have visited doctors who have received payments from Big Pharma. And the percentage is even higher among specialists.

For instance: 85% of patients have visited an orthopedic surgeon and 77% of people have seen an obstetrician or gynecologist who has received payments.

That means when you make an appointment with these specialists, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find one who isn’t on Big Pharma’s payroll. That’s outrageous!

The doctors visited by the participants in this study received an annual average of $510 in cash or goods. But, like I said, for some docs the numbers were much, much higher.

Big Pharma wants our money and they’re not afraid of spreading some cash around to get it. And the more doctors they have in their pocket, the more prescriptions those doctors seem to write.

Finding out if your doctor is taking money from Big Pharma is actually rather easy. The Affordable Care Act was actually equipped with a policy called Open Payments that would have made the details of these payments incredibly transparent.

But the government’s website is so terribly designed that you practically need a PhD in computer science to use it.

Luckily, ProPublica has stepped in and created their own database. You can search any name and location on the website Dollars for Docs to find out how much, if anything, Big Pharma has paid your physician.

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