Exposed! $173 Million Zika SCAM!

Dear Reader,

Our government is getting ready to scam us out of $173 million.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Zika virus by now. It started spreading to America last year, and we’ve all seen the photos of babies born with horrific birth defects.

So nobody complained too much when our government started spending taxpayer cash to develop a vaccine.

But now Uncle Sam is going to give away OUR VACCINE… and a small fortune… to one of the greediest drug companies around.

We’re going to end up spending through the nose for a vaccine we paid to develop – unless we act fast to stop it.

Zika has been all over the headlines for a while now – and with good reason.

Women often have no idea that they’ve been infected with Zika until their babies are born with brain damage and other life-long defects.

You’d hope our government would do something… anything… to protect us.

But it looks like they’re going to let their buddies at Big Pharma fleece us, instead.

You see, a Zika vaccine was developed at the Walter Reed Army Institute, funded through the Army with our tax dollars.

If you ask me, that makes this vaccine the property of every tax-paying American citizen, like you and me.

Well, it turns out that the brain-dead bureaucrats in our government see it differently.

The Feds are planning on granting exclusive rights to the vaccine – along with an estimated $173 million in funding from the Department of Health and Human Services – to the French pharma giant Sanofi Pasteur.

This isn’t even an American company! Even worse? Sanofi has faced DOZENS of allegations of overcharging and fraud!

For instance, it charges Medicare more than $5,000 for a multiple sclerosis drug that costs only $745 in France.

You don’t need to be a psychic to see the future on this one – these guys are going to charge a fortune for a vaccine we already paid for.

Heck, Sanofi practically admitted it!

The government rejected a request that Sanofi be required to make this vaccine available at an affordable price – and Sanofi also refused.

This isn’t just a disgusting abuse of taxpayer dollars – it’s downright illegal!

Under the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980, it’s unlawful to grant exclusive rights to any invention developed by the federal government unless reasonable pricing is agreed upon.

Our government is literally breaking its own laws so that Big Pharma can continue to bleed us dry!

As Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders explained, “American consumers could pay twice: Once for the development of this vaccine through their tax dollars and then to the company.”

I don’t often agree with Bernie Sanders on things… but he hit the nail on the head with this one.

We can’t let this stand – and it’s time to make sure our government hears from “we the people” loud and clear.

Visit the Knowledge Ecology International website (they’ve been leading the fight on this) to see how you can get involved.

You can also file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Don’t mince words – I sure didn’t.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health