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Eureka! Miracle Breakthrough for Multiple Sclerosis

Dear Reader,

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that takes everything from you.

You can lose your ability to walk… your bladder control… your eyesight… and, eventually, your independence.

And for years, doctors have told MS patients that there’s very little they can do.

But, finally, there’s hope.

Because researchers have just discovered an all-natural compound that can slow MS to a crawl.

And it blows the doors off the most powerful prescription drugs around.

MS may affect your entire body – but, as you know, the problem starts with your nervous system.

Basically, you develop lesions that prevent your nervous system from communicating with the rest of your body.

And that’s when you start to fall apart physically.

But a team of scientists from the Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine has just made a major discovery that could revolutionize MS treatment.

In this pilot study, a group of patients with progressive MS were given either 1,200 mg. of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) or a placebo pill every day for two years.

And the results were astonishing!

When the study concluded, the folks taking ALA had a whopping 68 percent less atrophy to their brains!

That’s not just impressive – it’s life-changing.

People with advanced, progressive MS suffer from a loss neurons in the brain, which leads to a major loss in brain volume. This is one of the most severe effects of the disease.

But if you can slow this brain atrophy, you can slow MS – simple as that.

And ALA is delivering way better results than anything you’ll find in Big Pharma’s arsenal.

The prescription drug Ocrevus only reduced brain atrophy by a measly 18 percent.

And it costs THOUSANDS of dollars a year!

So, what’s the secret behind ALA?

ALA, a natural compound similar in structure to vitamins, seems to block a harmful protein called Rab32 that is found in MS brains.

This protein alters your cells’ energy supply which begins triggering disabling symptoms.

If your doctor is open to it, you can get ALA intravenously.

But it’s also easy enough to buy ALA supplements just about anywhere.

You can find ALA through a number of reputable manufacturers like Puritan’s Pride.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health