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Drugs Can’t Cure THIS Arthritis Symptom

Stiffness in your joints.

Pain when you try to bend or flex your fingers.

Not being able to move the way you used to.

These are just some of the agonizing symptoms of osteoarthritis.

This is the most common form of arthritis. It’s what happens when the cushioning cartilage between your bones wears down so that your bones are practically grinding against each other.

And it only gets worse over time.

While there are lots of ways to manage the above symptoms, there’s one symptom that often goes unnoticed and unaddressed.

It’s a hidden osteoarthritis symptom that will likely go untreated…

You might be at risk.

Researchers from the American Geriatrics Society have found that there is a distinct link between osteoarthritis and social isolation.

Seniors already experience social isolation more than other age groups.

And while there are many factors that could cause this, one simple fact is that when it’s hard to get up and move around it makes it difficult to go do things

Even if that means meeting up with a friend for lunch. Or going to see the grandkids.

Research was gathered from a total of 1,967 seniors living across six different countries all around the age of 73.

They assessed social isolation levels of the participants and then reassessed them within 12-18 months.

Once reassessed, 13% experienced an INCREASE in social isolation.

And for this group that felt more alone, their osteoarthritis symptoms had also worsened.

They reported more pain, many couldn’t walk and also had intense feelings of depression.

The best thing you can do is to keep moving. Staying inactive and being afraid to move will only worsen your situation.

And make your best effort to get involved in social activities whenever possible. Talk on the phone more or have people come over to you instead of struggling to go out.