Don’t Fall For This Colonoscopy SCAM

Mainstream doctors are GREAT about remembering your birthday. 

And, trust me… it’s not because they’re sentimental. 

Practically the day you turn 50, there’s a postcard in your mail… from your friendly doc… reminding you it’s time for regular colonoscopies. 

Some birthday present, right?

I’m all for stomping out colon cancer. But the colonoscopy comes with some dark (and terrifying) secrets that most patients are NEVER warned about.

Now, there’s a plan to subject MILLIONS more to this misery.

It’s a cash-grab, pure and simple – and you need to act now to keep the people you love safe. 

I don’t have to tell you how uncomfortable colonoscopies are. 

Of course, doctors SWEAR they’re safe – but here’s the truth. 

Studies have shown that 1 in 200 colonoscopies results in serious injury or even DEATH. 

You’d think mainstream medicine would focus on improving those numbers instead of hurting more people. 

But that’s not how our money-obsessed medical system works. 

Now, there’s a new push for Americans to begin regular colonoscopies starting at age 45 instead of 50.

Colon cancer can be a killer – no doubt about it. 

But your chances of getting it before you turn 50 are very low. That means the vast, vast majority of people will go through the agony of the screening for absolutely NOTHING. 

This early screening is practically GUARANTEED to ruin… or end… more lives than it saves. 

There are currently 10.5 million colonoscopies performed in the U.S. every year – and, like I said, 1 in 200 results in injury or death.  

This means that more than 52,500 patients are injured or killed by the procedure, itself. 

That’s 2,500 more than the 50,000 Americans who die from colorectal cancer each year. 

And now those numbers will now get even uglier. 

Maybe you passed your 45th… or even 50th… birthday a long time ago. But I’m guessing you have loved ones who need to hear about this risk. 

And the truth is, the colonoscopy is becoming increasingly outdated. 

Instead of an invasive colonoscopy, ask a doctor you trust about annual stool testing and CT colonography.

These methods are non-invasive and can be performed more often than a colonoscopy without the risks of side effects or death.

That’s the type of screening I can get behind. 

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health