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Doctors HIDING Deadly MRI Risks

Dear Reader,

If you’ve ever been sent for a contrast MRI, you’ve heard it…

It’s something I call the “Great MRI Lie.”

They’ll tell you that dye they’re giving you is harmless… and that you’ll just pee it out of your system in a few hours, anyway.

But a major international health organization is blowing the whistle – and they’re warning that MRIs are far more dangerous than we’ve ever been told.

It turns out that one of the most popular MRI agents around isn’t leaving your body at all… it’s actually pooling in the tissues of your brain.

And this isn’t just dangerous – it could end up killing you.

I wouldn’t say that the European Union just called our FDA a pack of liars.

But they came about as close as you can without launching World War III.

You see, for years the FDA has denied that gadolinium – a heavy metal used as an MRI dye – is dangerous.

But the European Medicines Agency has just admitted what science has been telling us all along — the claims that gadolinium are safe are total nonsense.

The EMA has just issued a report confirming that this incredibly toxic metal doesn’t leave the body as we’ve always been told.

Instead, a lot of it pools in our brains… skin… and bones.

And the effects can be like something out of your worst nightmare.

Gadolinium has already been found to promote cancer – and we’ve known forever that heavy metals can trigger serious neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Even worse? Gadolinium can cause a rare skin condition called nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) in which the skin hardens and thickens.

This disorder also affects your joints and it becomes almost impossible to move. Sometimes it’s fatal.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and even the Mayo Clinic have been sounding the alarm about gadolinium for years now.

And what has the FDA done? Not a darned thing.

What do these government clowns think they know that the Mayo Clinic doesn’t?

Just a few months ago, the FDA released a statement denying that gadolinium poses any threat to your brain.

That’s ridiculous and it completely ignores science.

Who knows? Maybe the folks at the FDA have already had their brains scrambled by the stuff.

So, how do you stay safe?

First, remember that doctors order up pointless MRIs all the time. Any time you’re asked to get an MRI, find out if it’s really necessary – and what exactly your doctor is trying to learn.

Second, always ask if a gadolinium agent is being used – and, if so, demand an alternative. That’s especially true if you have kidney problems, which can make it harder to process gadolinium.

Don’t forget: when it comes to these MRIs, our government doesn’t have your back – it’s up to you to protect yourself.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health