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Docs Hiding UGLY Truth About Chemo

Sandra was just 67 when she was first diagnosed with cancer.

She promised she’d fight the cancer with every fiber of her being – and docs told her that chemotherapy was the only way to save her life.

And I’m sure you know how this story ends.

The chemo just made her weaker and weaker. And before the cancer killed her, Sandra spent her precious last days miserable and in pain.

And she’s not alone.

The benefits of chemotherapy have been exaggerated by mainstream medicine for years.

Now, new research is proving just how worthless chemo is… and you’re going to be absolutely shocked.

As it turns out, chemotherapy isn’t the life-saver it’s been made out to be.

Not even close.

Researchers from both America and Australia examined the survival rates of cancer patients who received chemotherapy.

Of the 60 percent of cancer patients who survived more than five years after a diagnosis, only 2.1 percent of those survivors had chemotherapy to thank.

Let me put that another way…

Forty percent of cancer patients weren’t living five years, even withchemo. And when cancer patients did cross the five-year mark, it was almost NEVER because of chemo.

All of that suffering… for almost NO benefit.

And it’s not like those years spent on chemo are a walk in the park.

Chemotherapy pumps your body full of toxins in hopes of killing some cancer in the bargain. But, for most patients, chemo does far more harm than good.

The side effects can include vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, bleeding, hair loss, infections, nerve damage, physical pain, and lots more.

But that’s not all!

Chemotherapy has also been linked to memory issues similar to Alzheimer’s.

A recent study from Aarhaus University in Denmark showed that patients undergoing chemotherapy had declining memory and brain function after just 6 months of treatment.

The infamous “chemo brain.”

Plus, chemotherapy often defeats the purpose of treating the cancer in the first place! It decreases white blood cell counts and weakens your immune system.

Who wants to live their last days like that?!

Any time you’re diagnosed with cancer, always seek multiple opinions on treatment options.

And have a frank discussion with your doctor about whether the benefits of chemo are worth the risks.

Remind him that your quality of life matters – lots of doctors forget that.

Fighting For Your Health,


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