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Docs ADMIT: You Can Quit Diabetes Meds

The diabetes drug market has been a scam for years.

Countless seniors are being pumped full of drugs they don’t need and that may actually be wrecking their health.

All to make the drug companies a buck.

But now experts at the American College of Physicians (ACP) are finally fighting back.

You won’t believe what they just said about the need for diabetes medications.

But if you or someone you love is suffering from type 2 diabetes, you won’t want to miss it.

The ACP has had enough.

After years of research, the nation’s second largest physician group is claiming that millions of people are being over-diagnosed and over-treated for diabetes.

These poor folks are literally being medicated to death, in some cases.

There are a couple major problems going on here.

First, patients who have already reached their A1C goals are not being told to reduce or stop medication.

These people are being put at risk for serious medication side effects – like stomach pain, liver disease, and anemia – for very little benefit.

Second, as ACP points out, A1C goals are being consistently lowered to get more people on drugs.

That’s great for Big Pharma’s bottom line. But terrible for you.

Once upon a time, you needed blood sugar levels of 140 mg/dL or higher to be diagnosed with diabetes.

But then in 1997, the FDA and the American Diabetes Association (under pressure from the drug companies) dropped the standard to 126 mg/dL.

Overnight, more than 2 million more Americans were suddenly considered diabetic. That’s a MAJOR windfall for the drug companies.

But the ACP has had enough.

The statement issued by the ACP proposes A1C guidelines be raised to between 7 and 8 percent rather than the ADA’s 6.5 percent and lower.

That’s right – they want to RAISE blood sugar standards. That means lots of people will no longer be classified as diabetic and will be able to get off their meds.

And ACP asserts that doctors should stop targeting patients with “overzealous” and “inappropriate” treatment.

It’s about time.

Especially if your blood sugar numbers are borderline, talk to your doctor about whether your current medications and dosages really make sense (show him this article if you want).

And don’t be afraid to get a second opinion, particularly when it comes to something this important.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health