Disgusting! Big Pharma Running Fake Charities?!?

Dear Reader,

It’s a Big Pharma scam that will turn your stomach!

You can’t watch a drug commercial these days without hearing this deceitful message at the end:

“If you can’t afford your drugs, we may be able to help.”

Except these drug companies aren’t heroes… super villains is more like it.

Because Big Pharma has spent years handing out “free” drugs through what are basically FAKE CHARITIES!

They’re designed to make drug companies billions – all while robbing Uncle Sam (and the rest of us) completely blind.

The idea that Big Pharma would try to take credit for handing out free drugs is mind-boggling.

I mean, take one guess who’s making these meds so unaffordable to begin with!

It’s a PROVEN FACT that drug companies charge Americans way more for medications than they charge patients in other countries.

They’re gouging us… driving up the prices… and then trying to throw us a lifeline through these so-called “Patient Assistance Programs.”

But once you dig deeper, it’s all part of a greedy game.

What Big Pharma basically does is set up these “charities” or foundations to distribute the drugs.

Then they assign some ridiculous value to the drugs and write the whole thing off on their taxes!

So a drug company could take a medication that costs $5 to make and say it’s worth $1,000.

Donate it to 100 people, and… PRESTO!… you have a $100,000 write-off.

A good example is Eli Lilly’s Lilly Cares Foundation.

According to their 2015 tax return, the Lilly Cares Foundation received more than $408 million in “donated” drugs.

But Attorney Jeff Geida, who specializes in nonprofit foundations, examined that tax return and determined that this number is way, way more than the actual value of the drugs.

But Eli Lilly, through its foundation, still gets to write off $408 million anyway!

That’s not charity… if you ask me, it’s practically money laundering!

So what’s the answer?

If Big Pharma stopped gouging us and set fair prices for drugs, we wouldn’t need these ridiculous “charities” in the first place.

That’s not going to happen until we have politicians in Washington who get serious about drug costs.

Make sure you drop a line to your members of Congress.

Tell them that this is an issue that affects all of us – and it’s time they got off their rear ends and put an end to the abuse.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health