senior women at tea party

Delicious Diet SLASHES Dementia Risk in HALF

Dementia has become an American epidemic…

In fact, someone is diagnosed with dementia every 69 seconds.

These are our friends, our family, our loved ones… and modern medicine isn’t doing a darn thing to save them.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on conventional medicine to protect your brain any longer.

New research has found that a remarkable – and delicious – diet that can cut your risk of dementia in HALF!

Here’s what you need to know…

Researchers from Academia Sinica, the National Health Research Institute, and National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan have made an incredible discovery that could completely change the way you eat.

They found that a diet rich in fish and tea can reduce the risk of dementia – especially for seniors.

The study examined the health and diets of 1,436 senior citizens.

Between 2000 and 2012, roughly 20 percent of the group were diagnosed with dementia.

However, those that ate fish and drank tea at least four times per week were found to be HALF as likely to develop the memory-robbing disease.

That’s a 50 percent decrease in your dementia risk just by eating more fish and drinking more delicious tea.

Protecting your brain health has never been more delicious!

Researchers explain that the omega-3s in fish, as well as the powerful antioxidants found in healthful herbal teas, work together to reduce the specific type of brain-damaging inflammation that causes dementia.

Even better? These nutrients also REVERSE any damage already done.

And all it takes is consuming both four times a week!

Experts recommend fish high in omega-3s – such as salmon, mackerel, cod, herring, and anchovies – paired with green or herbal teas.