The DEADLIEST Drug Scam Ever?!?

Dear Reader,

It may be the most sinister scam that the drug companies have ever pulled… and millions of us may be at risk right now!

We’ve been told for years that before drugs are approved, they go through rigorous clinical trials… studies that are SUPPOSED to show that they work and are safe.

But a genius statistician has just made a shocking discovery.

He may have just uncovered MASSIVE FRAUD in the same clinical trials that are used to get drugs to market.

And the warning he’s sounding should have all of us taking a closer look at what’s in our medicine cabinets.

Dr. John Carlisle is an anesthesiologist by trade… but he’s also a wiz at exposing fraudulent research.

And Big Pharma is sure keeping him busy.

You see, Dr. Carlisle has developed a statistical method that looks for evidence of data that are unlikely… or that may have been pulled out of thin air.

For example, if I told you I flipped a coin three times and got heads every time, you might believe me. But if I claimed to get 100 heads in a row, you’d know I was lying.

These are the kinds of things (on a much larger and more complicated scale) that Dr. Carlisle looks for.

And when he applied his method to clinical trials… drug studies Big Pharma uses to get new “wonder pills” to market… Carlisle found what looks like massive fraud.

His analysis shows that the data reported in dozens of trials are not simply overblown or exaggerated… they’re MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!

The results were too rosy and seemed to be leaving out “outliers,” especially people who may have had really bad reactions or results from the drugs.

You know, the kinds of reactions that could send you to a hospital… or a morgue.

And these faulty data eventually help put drugs on the market! Drugs that we now know almost nothing about.

Even worse, these “cooked books” studies were published in some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, like the New England Journal of Medicine, and the Journal of the American Medical Association!

As Carlisle says, “Research may have been deliberately falsified.”

How’s that for an understatement? I mean, do you have ANY doubt that the drug companies are rigging their research to speed worthless (and potentially dangerous) meds to market?

How many times do we have to catch these guys red-handed before someone does something?

With all the MILLIONS of Americans taking prescription drugs, this fraud puts all of us in harm’s way.

Carlisle has even made his screening tool available online for free so that medical journals can screen for fraud.

But let’s not hold our breath. If these journals start finding fraud in studies they want to publish, it’ll raise too many questions about all the other research they’ve already printed.

When it comes to our health, we deserve 100% honesty!

That’s why the Alliance For Advanced Health is calling on the FDA to REFUSE to accept any more clinical trials for drug approvals until those studies have been put through Carlisle’s analysis.

Big Pharma has shown they won’t play by the rules. And we shouldn’t be approving any more drugs until they do.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health