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Dangerous Toxin Found in Drinking Water (DISGUSTING!)

Compared to many parts of the world, our drinking water here in the U.S. is as pure as a mountain spring. 

But don’t let those comparisons lull you into a false sense of security. 

For two-thirds of the people living in this country – yes, that’s probably YOU – your drinking water is actually loaded with a dangerous brain toxin. 

And the only thing worse than the very presence of that toxin is how it got there. 

You guessed it… it was put there (intentionally) by Uncle Sam himself. 

You’ve been told your entire life that it’s good for you. That if you don’t get enough of it your teeth will rot and fall out of your head 

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about the biggest hoax pulled on the American population… fluoride. 

Yes, some fluoride is found naturally in some food, soil, and water. But there’s nothing natural about the toxin that dumped into your water. 

And this synthetical chemical called fluoride is wrecking your health. 

Studies show that synthetic fluoride damages your thyroid, decreases calcium in your bones, and increases calcium in your blood. I 

In fact, it can actually cause your bones to become TOO HARD, which can (ironically) lead to fractures and joint dysfunction. 

It can also cause sleep problems, acne, infertility, and bone cancer. 

Being exposed to too much of it in the womb can cause developmental issues ranging from cognitive impairment to ADHD to lower IQ. This isn’t surprising, considering fluoride is a neurotoxin! 

But here’s the real kicker… it’s not even good for your teeth! 

There are ZERO randomized clinical trials evaluating the effects of fluoride on tooth decay. And the less rigorous studies that have been done have shown that fluoride doesn’t reduce tooth decay rates! 

Believe it or not, it gets worse. 

Because studies show that fluoride can actually damage your teeth, causing a condition called dental fluorosis in which your tooth enamel becomes spotted or streaked with white lines. 

This condition impacts over 40 percent of adolescents in America. That’s a little more than two-thirds of adolescents… the same amount of adolescents exposed to fluoride in the water. 


The vast majority of European countries don’t add this toxin to the water… so why are we? 

There’s a reason you’re not supposed to swallow toothpaste… it’s because it contains fluoride. Yet it’s being intentionally added to your drinking water? 

Does that sound suspicious to you? 

The bottom line is that fluoride has NO PLACE in your house, and the best way to keep it out is with a whole-house reverse osmosis filtration system.  

That way you’re not drinking it, bathing in it, or being exposed to this unnecessary, dangerous toxin.