The Most Dangerous Arthritis Med on the Market?!?

Dear Reader,

Alicia wasn’t even 40 years old when she was first diagnosed with arthritis.

So, it seemed like a dream come true when her doctor said there was a new drug called Actemra that could help manage her pain.

But that dream turned into a nightmare fast when the drug left her with debilitating heart palpitations.

And Alicia isn’t alone.

She’s just one of hundreds of patients who ended up sick… or even dead… after taking Actemra.

It may now be the most dangerous arthritis medication on the market. So why aren’t the crooks at the FDA lifting a finger to warn us?

The reports keep coming in… and they’re not good.

A 73-year old suffered a fatal brain bleed… a 62-year old died from a heart attack… and even a 25-year old started experiencing memory lapses.

And what did they all have in common? They were all taking Actemra.

Actemra is an intravenous arthritis medication that hit the market in 2010.

We were promised it was a “breakthrough” that would “transform expectations” for both doctors and patients.

Yeah, I’ll say. Nobody “expects” to end up in a hospital (or worse) from their arthritis meds.

Fast forward to 2017: Actemra has been given to more than 760,000 patients worldwide, more than a thousand of whom have died from complications according to a recent report.

And many more – nearly 500,000 – have suffered horrendous side effects.

But the FDA still hasn’t pulled the drug from the market… or even issued a warning label!

So, doctors may not even know about the risks when they prescribe Actemra to patients.

Our government is literally keeping all of us in the dark!

It’s yet another example of the FDA’s “approve now, monitor later” attitude. They rush drugs to market and let us all serve as unsuspecting guinea pigs for Big Pharma.

And it’s not like the FDA is unaware of the risks of Actemra… they’re just not doing anything.

An investigation by STAT news uncovered evidence that the FDA has, in fact, looked into Actemra’s safety on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS since it was approved.

In 2011, a warning of “fatal anaphylaxis” (a type of deadly allergic reaction) was added to the label after several deaths occurred.

And then removed.

Then in 2012, drug company Roche asked the FDA to approve Actemra for wider use. While reviewing this request, the FDA found 258 cases of pancreatitis and 185 instances of lung disease related to the drug.

Still, no warning.

The following year, the FDA reviewed the records of the first 10,000 patients to receive Actemra and found 118 deaths at the end of 2012, alone.

But, again, they determined that “no further label changes were warranted.”

How many deaths does it take before action is “warranted?” Because we darned sure must have hit the number by now!

The FDA and Big Pharma are actively working to keep this dangerous drug on the market and to keep its risks under wraps.

If you or someone you love is taking Actemra, consult with your doctor immediately about the real risks involved. Print this article to show him.

Because managing your arthritis shouldn’t require you to risk your health… or your life.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health