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Can a Cup of Joe HALT Alzheimer’s?! (But ONLY This Kind…)

If you’re planning on waking up Christmas morning and brewing a cup of joe…

You’re not alone.

Most Americans, start every morning with a cup of coffee.

It gets your mind working… your blood pumping… and your body ready to take on the day.

But what if your morning ritual is doing something even more incredible?

What if that cup of coffee is actually SAVING your life?!

It may sound too good to be true…

But it’s NOT!

A GROUNDBREAKING study has found that coffee can help prevent one of the most devastating effects of aging.

But you have to drink the RIGHT TYPE to see REAL results.

Exciting research from the Krembil Brain Institute has revealed that coffee protects your brain from developing Alzheimer’s.

For the study, researchers studied three types of coffee: light roast, dark roast, and decaffeinated dark roast.

At the end, they found that dark roast – regardless of whether it is caffeinated or not – STOPPED age-related cognitive decline, the step before FULLBLOWN Alzheimer’s.

And it’s all thanks to a chemical compound called phenylindanes.

Phenylindanes develop during the roasting process for coffee beans and they can get to the ROOT CAUSE of your memory issues.

You see, this special molecule prevents the buildup of beta amyloid and tau plaques, the two proteins that cause both Alzheimer’s.

Most protective compounds defend against only one of these dangerous plaques. But the phenylindanes in coffee protect against BOTH!

Even better?

The darker your roast, the more protection you get.

So pick up a bag of dark roast – caffeinated or decaf – and start sipping away your memory problems.