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TRICKY Way COVID-19 Could Enter Your Home

Dear Reader, 

 Each day we learn a little bit more about the new coronavirus. Now, more than ever, people want to know the proper ways to clean and disinfect.  

 From wiping down grocery cart handles to door knobs. Wearing gloves and washing your hands to keep it from spreading. 

 But there’s another way it might be getting into your home…and chances are you haven’t thought about it. 

 I have a question for you: 

 When you come home from the store, when do you take off your shoes? Or more importantly, where. 

 The CDC suggests that the likeliness of you getting COVID-19 from it travelling on your shoes is unlikely (since it’s the furthest from your face). 

 But other research shows that the virus can live for hours even days on surfaces. 

 For example, a study published by the national Institutes of Health showed that the virus can live on cardboard for 24 hours.  

 And it can survive for two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. 

So while shoes may not be the most popular mode of transportation for the coronavirus…  

 They are one of your  most trafficked articles of clothing 

 Now I’m not telling you to go and burn all of your shoes if you wore them in public recently. But if you are in a COVID-19 high risk category, there’s no harm in taking extra measures to ensure yours and your family’s health. 

 If you’re going out for any reason, when you come home take your shoes off before you go in your house. 

 Wipe down the soles, or spray your shoes with disinfectant. If you can, leaving them outside is the safest option. 

 But above all, avoid tracking them through your entire house.