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Cover-Up! Doctors HIDING 98,000 Surgery Deaths

Dear Reader,

It’s the most frightening part of any surgery.

They place the mask over your face… tell you to count backwards from 10… and you realize you’re placing your life in your doctors’ hands.

The last thing you want to think about is the possibility of a medical mistake – but they’re happening way more often than we’ve ever been told.

Because some of the largest hospitals around have just been caught hiding nearly 100,000 deaths from surgical errors.

And you’ll never believe what’s causing them.

When we think of surgical mistakes, we picture some doc operating on the wrong body part… or leaving a sponge inside us.

But deaths and injuries from anesthesia errors are becoming a national epidemic. And doctors and hospitals are practically staging a Watergate-style cover-up.

A new study from the University of Michigan has turned up some shocking findings about how doctors are hiding problems with anesthesia.

Out of 434,554 incidents with anesthesia during surgery, only 238 were reported by the doctors.

The rest… the other 99.9%…were filed by the patients, themselves.

In other words, doctors and hospitals are HIDING anesthesia problems… even when they kill someone!

By the researchers’ estimates, as many as 98,000 anesthesia-related deaths went unreported.

These are mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers whose deaths were swept under the rug by a bunch of cowards who didn’t want to be sued or disciplined.

So, what the heck is happening?!

The most common complications are allergic reactions, adverse reactions to other meds you’re taking, or the anesthesiologists simply giving you the wrong dose.

And because they’re never held accountable, they’re free to keep making the same mistakes.

So what can you do?

Don’t be afraid to ask your local hospital what its procedures are for reporting anesthesia errors – if they even have procedures.

It’s best to ask these questions BEFORE you need a surgery.

And if you suspect you or someone you love may have already been harmed by an anesthesia error, demand to see your anesthesia records. Then have them reviewed by another professional.

The hospital – and the anesthesiologist – won’t like it much.

But let’s face it, they’ve lost their right to complain.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health