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Congress Passing DEATH SENTENCE for Seniors?!?

Dear Reader,

Congress has spent decades passing dangerous laws to pay off fat-cat political donors.

But this is the biggest piece of legislative garbage I’ve ever seen.

The Senate is considering a bill RIGHT NOW (it’s already passed the House) that could be an absolute death sentence for seniors.

Including maybe you or someone you know.

It could prevent you from EVER knowing when a medical device could end up killing you.

Corporate executives would make a fortune off our misery — and we may be running out of time to stop it.

The medical device industry rakes in about $148 BILLION a year – and a bunch of that ends up right in our politicians’ war chests.

And it looks like Congress is getting ready to scratch these donors’ backs BIG TIME – even if it kills us.

Proposed legislation would allow manufacturers of medical devices like defibrillators, colonoscopy scopes, and insulin pumps to delay reporting risks and malfunctions to the FDA.

And you know what these delays mean, right? People die.

Right now, they have to report problems within 30 days… but that would expand to three months if the law passes.

Imagine a manufacturer of a pacemaker knowing its product was failing… but sitting on the information for 90 days!

That’s EXACTLY what could happen if this law passes.

And keeping mum on the risks of devices may be great for these companies and their shareholders… but it’s a potential disaster for the rest of us.

This is part of a pact between the FDA and the industry that is renegotiated every five years.

Of course, a spokesman for a medical device trade group says companies want to do everything they can to keep us safe… and to make sure products don’t turn deadly.

REALLY? Then who asked for the extension? The Bad Law Fairy?

And it’s no secret that when device malfunctions are reported now, they’re often incomplete and leave out information about patients who were harmed.

These guys have been doing shoddy work for years… and now they want to do even LESS!

And trust me – this is the worst possible moment for us to relax the rules.

Over the past several years, we’ve learned about uterine fibroid devices spreading cancer… cardiac defibrillators running out of batteries during procedures… colonoscopy scopes spreading deadly infections… and the list goes on!

Delayed reporting means people… especially seniors… will die without ever knowing that a medical device they depended on was dangerous.

Like I said, it’s a death sentence.

This is political payola at its very, very worst.

But there’s a (tiny) glimmer of hope… the Senate hasn’t passed the law yet.

To make your voice heard, call your representatives and let them know we deserve fast, accurate, and COMPLETE reporting on problems with medical devices.

We shouldn’t have to risk our lives… no matter how many campaign checks these guys write.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health