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Civil War Secrets CURE Deadly Infections

Drug-resistant bacteria are EVERYWHERE.  

They’re lurking in hospitals… public places… and even your home.  

These bugs claim the lives of millions of seniors every year.  

And yet, the mainstream CAN’T help you.  

That’s because these tough-to beat bacteria are thought to be indestructible.  

Until now…   

New research shows that three long-forgotten Civil War secrets actually CURE deadly superbug infections 

And you can get your hands on them today.  

An incredible new study from Emory University reveals that three Civil War plant medicines contain powerful anti-bacterial properties 

These three plants are: the white oak, the tulip poplar, and the devil’s walking stick. 

You see, during the Civil War, conventional medicine was in short supply. 

So, the Confederate Surgeon General used traditional plant remedies to help battlefield physicians treat infections among wounded soldiers.  

Now, some of these all-natural remedies are helping researchers fight off several of today’s most deadly drug-resistant bacteria. These include: 

  • Acinetobacter baumannii, commonly contracted in hospitals after surgery, is one of the most extensively antibiotic-resistant infections out there. 
  • Staphylococcus aureus, considered the most dangerous among staph infections, can spread from skin infections or medical devices through the bloodstream and infect distant organs. 
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae, a type of “incurable” pneumonia common among diabetics, which can cause septic shock. 

For the study, laboratory tests showed that each of the three plants blocked some or all three of these bacteria from developing biofilms, the protective shield that causes antibiotic resistance. 

White oak was effective against all three bacteria. 

Tulip poplar and devil’s walking stick inhibited S. aureus from developing biofilms. 

And devil’s walking stick also prevented quorum sensing, a signaling system that staph bacteria use to create and disperse toxins, in S. aureus. 

Blocking biofilms and quorum sensing essentially disarms these dangerous bacteria and allows for effective treatment.  

The Emory team hopes to continue their research on these three Civil War cures in order to develop a natural, safe, and effective means of combating infection without risking antibiotic resistance and superbugs.  

In the meantime, you can add white oak extract to your daily routine in order to prevent infection and fight off these aggressive, deadly bacteria.  

It is available as a tincture from retailers like Mountain Rose Herbs, Nature’s Answer, and even Walmart