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Chinese Breakthrough Speeds Stroke Recovery

If you or a loved one has ever experienced a stroke, you know how devastating the recovery can be.

You can spend weeks or months in grueling therapy just trying to get back your memory… your speech… your motor skills… and your independence.

But what if you could shave weeks – or even months – off of your stroke recovery?

A powerful Chinese remedy could get you back to your old self again, MUCH faster than anyone ever thought possible.

And getting your hands on it couldn’t be easier.

You’ve probably heard about the ancient Chinese herb ginkgo biloba before.

People have been taking it as a supplement or tea for ages to help with everything from depression to memory loss.

So researchers wondered – could ginkgo biloba work its same magic on brains damaged by strokes?

And, boy, did it.

Scientists from Nanjing University in China conducted a study with 330 participants who had recently suffered from a stroke.

About half of them were given aspirin daily, while the other half was given aspirin and 450 mg of gingko biloba daily.

The results?

After six months, the folks who took ginkgo biloba scored DRAMATICALLY better on common tests of brain function (like the Mini-Mental State Examination and Webster’s digit symbol test) than people who just took aspirin.

It was as if ginkgo biloba accelerated their stroke recovery by weeks… or even months. 

Simply put, this is some great news for stroke survivors!

If you or a loved one want a faster recovery and improved mental function after a stroke, gingko biloba is definitely worth trying.

Better still, it’s inexpensive and widely available. You can find it at just about any vitamin or supplement shop – expect to spend about $15 a bottle.