Chinese Breakthrough REVERSES Dementia!

Dear Reader,

Dementia is the disease that most seniors fear the most.

And who could blame them? It’s like something out of a nightmare.

A lifetime of cherished memories slowly slips away, costing you your independence and even what it means to be you.

And for years, Big Pharma has struck out on ways to stop… or even slow… this horrifying disease.

But Chinese scientists may have just made the dementia breakthrough of our lifetimes.

They’ve discovered two all-natural supplements that may be able to reverse the effects of dementia – and save your memory.

And the best part? You can put their discovery to work starting TODAY.

You’ve probably heard a bit about the supplements melatonin and resveratrol.

And there have been dozens of studies proving that they can fight aging and even memory loss.

But it’s what they can do when taken together that’s truly remarkable.

A Chinese research team recently observed a group of male rats with memory problems and brain inflammation identical to what we see in humans with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

And melatonin and resveratrol began to reverse the symptoms of dementia in just four weeks!

I’m talking about better brain function… less oxidative stress… less inflammation. The improvements were across the board!

And as remarkable as these results sound, they make lots of sense.

You see, as we get older our bodies make less melatonin – and that’s especially true for folks whose brains are deteriorating from dementia.

Because melatonin controls our sleep cycles (and lots of other metabolic processes), this can be a total disaster.

Many people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia develop something called “sundowning” in which they no longer know when it’s day and when it’s night. That can lead to disorientation and even more memory loss.

But in clinical trials, melatonin has been proven to restore sleep cycles and greatly reduce episodes of “sundowning”.

Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant found in grapes, helps fight the inflammation and oxidative damage that are common in Alzheimer’s and dementia brains.

When seniors were given resveratrol supplements for six months, their scores on standard memory tests were significantly better than they had been at the beginning of the study.

Now imagine the benefits of melatonin and resveratrol combined.

Based on the research, you’re looking at better sleep, less inflammation and oxidative stress, and improved memory.

And the best part? These are two heavily tested, safe supplements that you can pick up anywhere – starting today.

You’ll find melatonin and resveratrol at any vitamin shop or through online retailers like Puritan’s Pride.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health