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[Warning] Statins Causing PERMANENT Disability?

For three decades, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs have been an absolute cash cow for Big Pharma.  Doctors are handing them out like Halloween candy… even after they’ve been linked to everything from cataracts to diabetes! But the bad news just keeps coming… A new study has just shown that statins can cause a truly horrifying disorder. ...

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The REAL Reason You Have Brain Fog

Complain to your typical mainstream doctor about brain fog, and you’re practically GUARANTEED to leave disappointed.  Doctors just don’t take it seriously.  They’ll even tell you that the telltale symptoms – like memory loss, trouble focusing, or fatigue are just part of getting older.  Nonsense.  The truth is, an undiagnosed condition could be triggering your brain...

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food additive

Is This Food Additive KILLING You?

Ask any doctor or medical researcher, and they’ll all tell you the same thing.  Liver disease is becoming an EPIDEMIC in America.  Cases of fatty livers… liver failure… and even liver CANCER are all going through the roof.  And the reason may be more sinister than we’ve ever known.  Scientists have discovered that a popular...

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pancreatic cancer

Are You Giving Yourself Pancreatic Cancer?

Just last month, we lost Aretha Franklin – the “Queen of Soul” – to pancreatic cancer.  And she’s not alone. This disease spares NO ONE.  Pancreatic cancer is fast-moving and aggressive – and the one-year survival rate is as low as 20 percent.  Lots of so-called medical “experts” will tell you they don’t have a...

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Breakthrough! “Super Muscle” Secret for Seniors

It may seem like a “normal” part of aging… but it doesn’t have to be.  You look in the mirror, and it seems like your muscles are DISAPPEARING.  Your knees feel like they could buckle at any moment… and simple tasks like opening a jar are a lot harder than they used to be.  Well, just...

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Don’t Fall For This Colonoscopy SCAM

Mainstream doctors are GREAT about remembering your birthday.  And, trust me… it’s not because they’re sentimental.  Practically the day you turn 50, there’s a postcard in your mail… from your friendly doc… reminding you it’s time for regular colonoscopies.  Some birthday present, right? I’m all for stomping out colon cancer. But the colonoscopy comes with some...

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Do You Have “Killer Wrinkles?” (Here’s How to Tell)

We’ve heard it a thousand times — wrinkles are just a normal part of aging.  So when you see a new forehead line in the mirror… or a new crease around your mouth… you should just ignore them, right?  Well, maybe not.  As it turns out, deep wrinkles could be a sign of something far more...

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blue light

Is Your Smart Phone Making You BLIND?

It’s like something out of a science-fiction movie.  Technology is slowly taking over our lives.  And if you have a grandkid hooked on video games, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  But it’s not just the youngsters…  Lots of people of all ages are spending hours a day on smart phones, computers, and tablets. ...

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drinking water

Warning] Water Causing CANCER Across America

We have health risks coming at us from all angles.  We’re being handed record numbers of dangerous prescription medications. And the processed food we eat is loaded with nasty chemicals.  The LAST thing we’d expect is that our drinking water is making us sick, too. I mean, the government has promised us it’s safe, right? Well, not...

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[Alert] Those Antidepressants Are KILLING You

Remember when Big Pharma told us that antidepressants would make our lives better? What a crock of GARBAGE that turned out to be.  Docs are handing out these pills like candy… and it’s a scientific FACT that they don’t work for most people.  Instead, they make you gain weight… kill your libido… cause constipation and nausea…...

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