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Had Cancer? You’d Better Read This…

Dear Reader,

Sharon was only 64 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer.

And just six months later, she was dead.

But, believe it or not, it wasn’t the cancer that killed her.

Sharon was the latest victim of a MAJOR side effect of mainstream cancer treatments.

One that the medical establishment has been hiding for years.

And learning whether you’re at risk… and what to do about it… can be a matter of life and death.

When you’re fighting cancer, the last thing you think is that you’re going to die from a heart attack – or a serious blood clot.

But the moment you sign on for a mainstream cancer treatment… like radiation or chemotherapy… your chances of developing a deadly heart condition shoot through the roof.

According to a new study out of Cornell, new cancer patients are at an especially high risk for something called arterial thromboembolism.

That’s when your blood flow is blocked by a clot that travels to your heart – and the threat is especially serious in the first six months after your diagnosis.

Now, of course, the researchers are claiming they can’t be sure what’s causing the problem.


We’ve known forever that radiation damages your blood vessels… it’s about as good for them as shooting heroin.

And chemo treatments can trigger something called a “hypercoagulable state,” where your blood begins aggressively clotting.

I don’t know about you… but that’s enough proof for me.

Need more convincing? The clotting problem was especially bad for patients with pancreatic and lung cancers… which makes sense, because they tend to be the most aggressively treated with chemo and radiation.

Cancer treatment today is a three-headed monster… all the mainstream ever talks about is chemo, radiation, and surgery.

But you do have other options, like intravenous vitamin C and insulin potentiation therapy, which drastically scales back the amount of chemo drugs you get.

Make sure you research ALL the therapies available to you. And if you’re getting mainstream treatments, make sure your doctor is keeping a close eye on your heart health.

Talk to him about taking curcumin supplements, which can help prevent inflammation and clotting issues.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health