Cancer BREAKTHROUGH! Less Chemo, BETTER Results

You know by now that I’m no fan of chemotherapy. 

I’d never get it for myself… but hundreds of thousands of people are still opting for chemo every year. 

Maybe even you or someone you love. 

And there’s NOTHING more horrifying than losing your hair… wasting away… vomiting until your guts hurt… and learning that the chemo didn’t work. 

So what’s the typical mainstream doctor’s response? 

To load you up with MORE chemo drugs!

It’s time to get off this toxic merry-go-round once and for all. 

Scientists have designed a new way to make chemo meds more effective… so you can use MUCH less of them.

This is one cancer breakthrough that EVERY patient needs to know about. 

A team of researchers from the University of Maryland has just released incredible new findings.

They’ve developed a technique that canforce cancer cells to “turn off” their resistance capabilities.

Cancer cells often become resistant to chemo drugs – and that’s one of the main reasons that tumors spread or come back. 

But that’s all about the change. 

Using specially designed nanoparticles and near infrared laser treatment, the team found a way to cause cancer cells to lose their multi-drug resistance for days at a time.

This creates a treatment window to combat even the most aggressive cancer cells.  

So, rather than blasting your system with drugs nonstop, your oncologist would know exactly when to administer treatment. This can minimize the side effects and organ damage caused by extensive chemo. 

How does it work? 

Well, one of the main causes of multi-drug resistance are efflux pumps.

Efflux pumps are proteins that protect cells by pumping out unwanted toxins. 

Eventually they end up recognizing and eliminating chemotherapy drugs, as well.

But by cutting off the energy supply to efflux pumps, oncologists can lower and even eliminate your cells’ drug resistance. 

The team put this science into action by targeting a specially designed nanoparticle directly into cancer cells. 

Then, a near infrared laser treatment is used to trigger a chemical reaction that reduces the amount of energy-producing ATP available to the efflux pumps, cutting off their power supply. 

So this treatment shuts off efflux pumps for a period of time, allowing treatments to hit those cancer cells hard and fast.

Nobody wants to suffer through chemotherapy for nothing. 

And, hopefully, with this new treatment, nobody will have to again. 

This is a MAJOR breakthrough, and it could take some time before it’s available to hospitals. 

But I suspect it will be rushed to market, and I’ll be keeping you posted. 

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health