BUSTED! Booze Industry Hid DEADLY Risks

Man, oh man – nobody lobbies like the alcohol industry.

For years they’ve been trying to convince us that alcohol is practically a health food.

They’ve put out propaganda about how alcohol is good for everything from your blood pressure to your joints.

But a new report proves that the alcohol industry has been keeping a deadly secret for decades.

Their product sends your cancer risk through the roof… and they’ve moved Heaven and Earth to cover it up.

The Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine have revealed a legacy of lies from the alcohol industry.

The team analyzed the data and information shared by 26 alcohol companies on their websites and other marketing materials.

A disturbing pattern quickly emerged.

As it turns out, 24 out of 26 companies routinely deny, distort, and distract the public – that’s us! – about the real dangers of alcohol consumption.

Especially when it comes to cancer.

Many of the companies are trying to claim that there is absolutely no risk of cancer associated with moderate or light drinking.

But that’s a flat out lie!

The truth is: alcohol consumption is a known risk factor for a whole host of cancer types, from breast and colorectal cancer to liver, oral, and esophageal cancers.

You see, consuming alcohol suppresses your immune function and destabilizes your blood sugar levels.

This impairs your body’s ability to fight disease and makes you incredibly susceptible to all kinds of cancers.

Even more bizarre? Some companies tried to claim that light to moderate alcohol consumption actually protects against cancer.

What nonsense!

All that proves is that if you pay “experts” enough, you can get them to say anything.

I’m not telling you to stop drinking alcohol – you’re an adult and you can make your own choices.

What I am telling you is that we all need to stop believing this nonsense that alcohol is somehow good for us.

That’s pure propaganda that’s been put out by the alcohol industry for years, to cover up the serious risks associated with their product.

But it’s not based on even a little truth.

And deep down, the alcohol industry knows it.