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Breathe Easier with This SWEET Secret

Dear Reader,

If you live with the shortness of breath… wheezingand tightness in your chest caused by asthma, you already know how tough daily tasks can be.

Because when it’s a challenge for you to do something as basic as breathing, everything can feel impossible.

What’s worse? Many of the drugs used to “treat” asthma are riddled with side effects – like

osteoporosis, glaucoma, high blood pressure and even cognitive issues.

But your ability to breathe shouldn’t come at the expense of your health.

Now, it doesn’t have to.

And it’s all thanks to this sweet secret.

In a recent study, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, an international team of researchers investigated the effects of honey on bronchial asthma – one of the most common forms of this disease.

Researchers pulled data from a total of eight studies. After analyzing the data and findings, they determined that a particular honey combination therapy was HIGHLY effective in controlling asthma.

Honey combination therapies are treatments where honey and an additional ingredient are used to treat asthma. The one that was most effective was the combination of honey and black cumin seed.

Using this combination therapy, all lung functions were improved in both moderate AND severe asthma cases.

But honey itself is a great help when it comes to your asthma.

Honey helps push mucus out of your airways, which is one of the causes of asthma attacks.

Research suggests the best type of honey to use is dark honey and is available at your local health food store.

Mix it some with tea, or add it as a cereal or granola topping to see benefits.

If you’re looking to pack the double-punch to your asthma, try getting some black cumin (mentioned above) in your diet. You should also be able to find this at a natural foods store or online at