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Breakthrough Therapy ENDS Alzheimer’s

The mainstream continues to fail when it comes to curing Alzheimer’s.

They’ve spent billions of dollars and wasted decades researching drugs that do more harm than good.

But you deserve a better way to beat this devastating disease.

Now it’s here…

Scientists have found a new therapy for that could END Alzheimer’s disease.

And you can get started TODAY!

New research, from Columbia University, has found that exercise releases a powerful hormone called irisin that helps protect your brain against Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

You see, irisin was only discovered a few years ago.

And scientists quickly realized that this chemical is incredibly important to your overall health.

Not only is it crucial for your energy metabolism but it also boosts the health of the hippocampus region of your brain which is crucial for learning and memory.

For the study, the scientists examined human brain cells and determined that the brains of those without Alzheimer’s have high levels of irisin.

Then, they conducted follow-up research to prove that exercise gives brains that bonus boost.

They found that mice that swam every day for five weeks – and therefore boasted high irisin levels – did not suffer from memory impairment… even in spite of beta-amyloid plaque build-ups!

Yes, you read that right: even when Alzheimer’s-related plaques are present, the irisin released by exercise prevents AD and other cognitive issues.

But when irisin was blocked, the mice quickly fell victim to AD.

The study leader, Dr. Ottavio Arancio, concluded that irisin helps explain why physical activity improves memory and even protects against brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

He encourages everyone to find a daily exercise routine that works for them.

Whether it’s walking, swimming, or gardening, finding an activity that works for you could literally save your brain health!