Breakthrough! Miracle Plant REVERSES Arthritis

Imagine NEVER having to worry about your arthritis again.

Instead of waking up to creaky knees and stiff knuckles, you’re totally pain-free!

Maybe you’ll even schedule a round of golf… or a play date with the grandkids.

Trust me, you’ll never get there with prescription drugs.

But there’s a powerful plant compound that’s been PROVEN to reverse arthritis and get you back on your feet.

You won’t hear about this underground breakthrough from Big Pharma or at a mainstream doctor’s office.

But I have all the joint-saving details right here.

In a brand-new study, published in Inflammation, researchers found that all-natural Pyrroloquinoline quinone – or PQQ – alleviates joint damage better than the leading arthritis meds.

So why is NOBODY talking about it?

PQQ is an essential nutrient found in plant-based foods. And it could be the key to real arthritis relief.

That’s because PQQ attacks arthritis right at the source.

You see, inflammation is the key culprit behind arthritis pain and stiffness. And PQQ puts the brakes on it FAST.

In the study, researchers activated the release of cytokines (harmful, inflammatory agents) in human joint cells.

But the cells that were treated with PQQ had DRAMATICALLY lower cytokine levels.

That means less inflammation… and less pain and stiffness… for you.

PQQ even blocked an enzyme that breaks down collagen in your joints!

And that was only phase one of the study!

In phase two, arthritic mice were injected with PQQ.

And the PQQ protected the mice joints from both inflammation AND cartilage damage.

Just imagine what it can do for you!

If you or someone you love is suffering from the pain and anguish of arthritis, increasing your intake of PQQ is easy!

PQQ is available as a supplement from reputable manufacturers like Life Extension and Piping Rock.

Experts recommend a daily dose of between 10 and 20mg.

Additionally, you can include PQQ-rich foods into your diet. Some of these include celery, parsley, legumes, potatoes, spinach, carrots, cabbage, kiwi, and tofu.