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doctor and plastic model of oesophagus

Breakthrough Formula CURES Occasional Heartburn?!

What’s the only thing worse than heartburn?   

The way the mainstream treats it 

From chalky tablets to stomach-destroying antacids, you can waste so much time and money trying to stop your agony and only end up worse for wear.  

But there’s some good news… 

My colleague, Dr. Richard Gerhauser, has developed a breakthrough formula that STOPS occasional heartburn and at its source – and keeps it from ever coming back. 

In fact, it offers 100 percent relief in as little as 48 hours! 

And you can try it today at ZERO RISK… 

Digestive Relief Plus is a groundbreaking natural heartburn supplement that’s shockingly effective, and unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. 

You see, Digestive Relief Plus contains two miracle nutrients that can END your heartburn in as little as 48 HOURS! 

First, this groundbreaking formula contains a unique extract found in orange peels called d-limonene 

D-limonene is like kryptonite to indigestions thanks to its remarkable mix of antioxidant compounds that strengthen and reinvigorate your esophagus muscles.  

With a stronger esophagus, your body is able to keep that acid where it belongs!  

In fact, scientific research has found that d-limonene helps end your acid reflux for good – starting in just 48 hours!  

But this is just the first half of this breakthrough formula… 

Digestive Relief Plus also BLOCKS that acid from flaring up in the first place.  

That’s because it also contains a patented licorice extract called DGL that’s packed with potent antioxidants called flavonoids.  

These flavonoids help RESTORE and STRENGTHEN your stomach lining, which can wear down as you age and causes heartburn.   

Plus, animal research shows that DGL improved digestion by a whopping 86 percent. 


  • No more heartburn, gas, burping and bloating. 
  • An end to indigestion and stomach pain. 
  • Restoring your gastrointestinal health. 

Imagine indulging in a rich, flavorful meal without the dread of acid reflux to come… waking up without that burning in your chest and throat… and getting a good night’s sleep without indigestion keeping you up.  

And all starting in just 48 HOURS! 

All you need is Digestive Relief Plus with the perfect dose of both d-limonene and DGL.  

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