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Breakthrough Flips Your “Cancer Killing Switch”

Dear Reader,

Dogs may be a man’s best friend – but hot sauce is a close second.

I’ve seen grown men with kitchens full of bottles with CRAZY names like “Satan’s Blood” and “Colon Cleaner.”

And they’ll slather this liquid fire on their pizza and eggs until they have TEARS in their eyes!

But it turns out you fellas may have been onto something all along…

Because researchers have just discovered that a powerful ingredient in hot sauce activates your own natural “cancer killing switch.”

And it can force your body to DESTROY even the deadliest cancers.

Cayenne is one of the spiciest peppers around – and you’ll find it in lots of your favorite hot sauces.

But this amazing pepper can do a lot more than give your favorite foods a kick.

According to a new study from the University of Maryland, a compound in cayenne can actually command your body to kill cancer!

It’s called capsaicin, and it’s what gives cayenne its spicy flavor.

Scientists have found that it helps your body beat cancer in at least two ways…

#1: Capsaicin boosts the strength of white blood cells, helping them attack malignant cancer cells.

This is the type of “immunotherapy” that the whole cancer industry is buzzing about. Except capsaicin is remarkably safe – unlike Big Pharma immunotherapy drugs that have actually killed people.

#2: Capsaicin neutralizes the harmful proteins that allow cancer cells to grow and spread.

It’s like it flips your cancer-killing switch and forces your body to attack cancer cells!

Plus, capsaicin helps control inflammation, a key driver of chronic diseases like cancer.

That’s one of the reasons you’ll also see it in topical pain relievers for arthritis and muscle aches.

It’s really easy to get more capsaicin in your diet. You can use fresh or ground cayenne in your favorite dishes as an added spice.

Some people even enjoy cayenne pepper tea (¼ to ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper steeped in a cup of hot water).

Or you can pick up Ultra Max Cayenne Plus from Piping Rock for just a few bucks a month.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health