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Breakthrough! Cure Old Age Starting in 7 Days

A miracle pill that cures old age?

Lowers blood sugar without changing your diet? Restores your joints?

Boosts memory and energy? And even reduces wrinkles?

Let’s all say it together: That sounds too good to be true!

But it’s not.

My colleague, Dr. Richard Gerhauser, has just unveiled an amazing new supplement that can practically shave DECADES off of your age… starting in just 7 days!

This breakthrough practically “resets” your age at the cellular level… and could be the secret to living to 100 and BEYOND.

And now, Advanced Health Daily readers like you can try it with absolutely ZERO RISK.

In the early 1940s, scientists were on the verge of a major medical breakthrough.

It’s called S.P.A.R. – short for Spontaneous Age Reversal – and it’s the secret to practically aging in REVERSE.

But then World War II started… and S.P.A.R. technology was practically forgotten.

Until now.

Finally, after decades of international research, we’ll all be able to use S.P.A.R. to live longer and healthier than we EVER dreamed possible.

My colleagues at Solaire Nutritionals are harnessing the restorative power of S.P.A.R. in an incredible new supplement called Metaphenol 27.

This breakthrough could help give you: better blood pressure, improved blood sugar, lower triglycerides, improved heart health, increased libido, smoother skin, and more.

It’s the secret to looking and FEELING as young as you did 20… 30… or even 40 years ago.

But how does it work?

Well, it all comes down to mitochondrial health. 

Your mitochondria are the energy centers of your cells – when they’re healthy, you feel great.

But as you age, your mitochondria weaken and you’re on the fast track to premature aging and ailments.

Metaphenol 27, however, unleashes the power of S.P.A.R. in three mitochondria-boosting (and age-reversing) compounds:

    • S.P.A.R. Phase 1 Compound – the NT Factor – which helps restore your mitochondria and strengthen them with phospholipids, so they stay young and healthy.


    • S.P.A.R. Phase 2 Compound – or FIIT-Metabolic – protects your mitochondria against dangerous, destructive free radicals that cause your aches and pains and make you feel and look older.


  • S.P.A.R. Phase 3 Compound – called pycnogenol – which triggers your body to make more mitochondria and nitric oxide, resulting in better memory, increased focus, smoother skin, sharper vision, and a healthier heart.

In order to get the complete benefit of S.P.A.R. you need all three compounds.

And Metaphenol 27 is the only formula that contains the complete age-reversal system.

In a clinical trial, participants up to 70-years-old were recruited to take the ingredients in Metaphenol 27.

The group that took the compound experienced: 33 percent improved mental performance, 37 percent stronger memory, 41 percent improved focus, 55 percent mood improvement, and 359 percent more energy!

All starting in as little as 7 days.

Metaphenol 27 is like nothing else on the market. For the first time, science has brought together the full scope of S.P.A.R. so you can look and feel young again.

When the formula enters your system, you’ll flood your mitochondria with EXACTLY what they need to reverse your aging.

Even better? Today, Dr. Gerhauser is offering a special rebate and is allowing my readers to try Metaphenol 27 with NO RISK.

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Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health

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