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bowls of cereal

This Breakfast Food is WRECKING Your Health

We’ve all heard the old adage: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

And it is… if you’re eating the right stuff.

Unfortunately, many folks are starting their days by eating one of the most dangerous foods out there.

You see, the researcher has found that a certain type of breakfast food can WRECK your health… and even lead to diabetes, obesity, heart disease… and cancer.

Here’s the TRUTH about this big breakfast blunder.

And what you should eat instead.

Last summer, the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK determined that breakfast cereals contain DANGEROUS amounts of sugar and urged manufacturers to fix the problem or else face a sugar tax.

Nearly a year later… and more than half of these cereals still contain too much sugar!

And this is especially dangerous for seniors and our grandbabies.

You see, the amount of sugar you should consume a day depends on how old you are.  And, oddly enough, that limit is 20-25 grams for both older and younger people.

Most sugar cereals, however, contain at least 24 grams in a single bowl!

So, if you start your day with a bowl of sugary cereal, you’ve reached your daily sugar limit before you’ve even left your house.

And this puts you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and tooth damage.

Despite this warning coming from the UK, this is an even bigger problem in the United States.

In fact, the two most sugary offenders are manufactured right here in our country – with store-name brands as the worst options and Kellogs right near the top of that list, too.

But it’s not just sugar that’s the problem…

Cereals also contain highly processed grains that are riddled with additives and preservatives (like BHT, BHA, and BPA which are also linked to heart disease, diabetes, and more).

Even cereals marketed as “whole grain” list refined grains and sugars as their main ingredients!

And unless your box of cereal has an organic stamp on it, you can guarantee the grains are GMOs.

Breakfast shouldn’t be such a gamble!

Instead of those super sweet cereals, opt for a fresh smoothie and some eggs or turkey bacon to start your day the right way – with vitamins, minerals, and protein.