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The Breakfast Food You Should NEVER Eat

You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

But lots of folks are loading up on a breakfast food LOADED with processed grains… fake vitamins… preservatives… artificial coloring… sugar… and genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.

This ONE breakfast food could put you on the fast-track to obesity, heart disease… and even diabetes.

Here’s the TRUTH about this big breakfast “no-no”. And what you should eat instead.

The cereal industry spends a FORTUNE trying to market its product as healthy… even for seniors.

But it’s all a HUGE lie.

Created in the 1800s, cereal didn’t become a household staple until the 1950s (you know, when lots of our modern health problems started).

The rise in demand meant that cereal had to get cheaper to manufacture and had to have a longer shelf life.

That’s when cereal manufacturers turned to highly processed grains that are riddled with additives and preservatives (like BHT, BHA, and BPA which have all been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and more).

Even the cereals that market themselves as “whole grain” list refined grains and sugars as their main ingredients!

And unless your box of cereal has an organic stamp on it, you can guarantee the grains are GMOs.

And what about the serving sizes?!

Have you ever actually measured a serving of cereal? It’s usually ¾ to 1 cup and most people end up eating double or triple that amount in one sitting!

And when you – or your grandkids – eat that every day, you’re consuming an astronomical amount of sugar and calories.

Breakfast cereals have been shown to cause a dangerous spike in insulin and blood sugar levels.

This leads to mid-morning snacking and sugar cravings.

And you and I both know that’s the fast-track to diabetes.

Some of the best morning meals are:

  • Organic oats
  • Granola with nut milk
  • Fresh fruit
  • Organic eggs

Of course, an organic cereal option every now and then is a fine way to start the day. But be sure that you and your loved ones aren’t eating cereal every day!

Your body will thank you.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health