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Blood Pressure Meds ROTTING Your Organs?!?

Dear Reader,

Andrew was hardly 60 years old when his doctor first told him he needed drugs to control his high blood pressure.

But it was the medications that nearly killed him.

Within months, he was rushed to the hospital with kidney failure.

His kidneys were riddled with lesions and bizarre, abnormal cells… he ended up needing a life-saving transplant.

And Andrew isn’t alone.

Researchers from the University of Virginia are warning that an increasingly common class of blood pressure meds could do permanent damage to your kidneys… and even threaten your life.

And you’re not likely to be warned until it’s much, much too late.

Years back, Big Pharma got the bright idea to treat hypertension by suppressing renin – a key hormone that regulates blood pressure.

The next thing you knew, drugs like aliskiren (Tekturna) started hitting the market.

Now it looks like these meds are a disaster waiting to happen.

For their latest study, UVA researchers looked at mice that didn’t have enough renin (similar to the effect you’d get from renin-inhibitor drugs).

And these mice were literally ROTTING from the inside out!

Their kidneys were covered in dangerous, organ-wrecking lesions… just like Andrew’s.

That’s horrifying – but not surprising.

Because, just as the drug companies always do, they solved one problem by creating another.

You see, renin does more than control blood pressure – it also plays a key role in the formation of healthy blood vessels.

Not the kind of thing you want to be shutting down, right?

Researchers found that without renin, your body still tries to create blood vessels – but they come out dysfunctional and malformed.

Worse, your kidney arteries can fill with lesions and abnormal cells, too.

The UVA team is concerned that renin inhibitors are causing widespread damage to patients all over the country – and most of them aren’t being warned.

So what do you do? If you’re taking a renin inhibitor, schedule an appointment with your doc to discuss safer alternatives.

Additionally, all-natural supplements that contain a compound including barberry, garlic, and omega-3 fatty acids, have been proven to be tremendously effective in fighting high blood pressure. One option is Bell Lifestyle’s Blood Pressure Support.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health