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Big Pharma Price Gouging on Cancer Drug

This may be the sleaziest move Big Pharma has ever pulled.

And trust me – that’s saying something.

If you or someone you love has ever been diagnosed with a brain tumor, you know how terrifying it can be.

Brain cancer can steal your speech… your independence… and, eventually, your life.

But a greedy drug company has just hiked the price of a key cancer drug by a whopping 1,400%.

It’s disgusting. It’s immoral. And it’s putting the drug out of reach for many Americans like you.

Now it’s up to us to do something about it.

If you’ve never heard of the cancer drug lomustine, I sincerely hope it stays that way.

It’s used for aggressive cases of brain cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

And you probably can’t afford it now anyway.

You see, for years lomustine was sold as CeeNU by drug giant Bristol-Myers Squib.

And it’s not like Bristol-Myers Squib was giving the stuff away. Just a single pill was selling for $50.

But when Bristol-Myers Squibb sold the rights to lomustine to NextSource in 2013, things got worse.

A lot worse.

In just the past few years, NextSource has hiked the price of lomustine (now branded as Gleostine) by 1,400%.

And they’re not slowing down one bit. They bumped the price 20% in August and another 12% in November.

Lomustine now sells for $768 per capsule. That’s OUTRAGEOUS – in fact, it ought to be CRIMINAL.

So what’s so new and fancy about lomustine to justify a $700+ price hike?

Not a darned thing.

In fact, the drug is 40 years old! The problem is that there’s no generic available.

These guys are taking advantage of cancer patients, and Duke neurology professor Henry S. Friedman says it’s a classic case of “price gouging.”

You can say that again.

The Trump Administration is enacting new rules that will speed more generics to market for drugs like lomustine. But for lots of folks with cancer, those changes won’t happen fast enough.

It’s up to us to hold Big Pharma accountable for its greed. Contact your members of Congress and demand an investigation into NextSource and the pricing for lomustine.

Remind your reps that it’s their job to look out for us… not the billion-dollar drug companies getting rich off our suffering.