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Bible Cure KILLS Breast Cancer

Whether it’s you or a loved one… breast cancer has affected ALL of us.

In fact, breast cancer takes the lives of more than 40,000 women every year.

And that’s after undergoing devastating surgeries, radiation, and chemo.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

New research has confirmed that an incredible Biblical remedy KILLS breast cancer cells!

It’s nothing short of a miracle.

And you can get your hands on this ancient cure today!

Groundbreaking new research, from the University of Texas at San Antonio and Ponce Health Sciences University School of Medicine, has found that sandalwood can DAMAGE and KILL the DNA of breast cancer cells.

Yes, the same sandalwood you read about in the Bible – in fact, it’s mentioned over 200 times.

For the study, sandalwood essential oil was tested against cancer cells that produce tumors as well as those that don’t for 24 hours.

And the results were astounding!

After just one day or treatment, it was found that sandalwood DESTROYS breast cancer cells!

Even better? Sandalwood is toxic only to cancer cells, leaving healthy cells unharmed.

And this isn’t the first study to find that sandalwood is effective against cancer.

A 2014 study, from the University of Oklahoma, discovered that sandalwood extract also damages the DNA of bladder cancer cells.

So, how does it work?!

Sandalwood is rich in the compound alpha-santalol which induces cancer cell death by BLOCKING their growth.

Plus, alpha-santalol makes sandalwood is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which, as you well know, are key factors when it comes to fighting cancer.

If your or a loved one is struggling with breast cancer, try sandalwood essential oil!

For the greatest benefit, it is best to use Indian sandalwood since it is extracted from the oldest trees in the world and is therefore more potent.

You can use sandalwood oil in a diffuser, in a bath, or even in a smoothie – just be sure you are getting 100 percent pure essential oil without any added fragrances.