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Susan White Susan White


[Warning] Blood Pressure Med Linked to DEADLY Side Effects

And your doctor might not even recognize the symptoms until it’s too late.

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Antidepressant SCAM Targeting Seniors

Don’t be the next victim

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Big Pharma

EXPOSED: Is YOUR Doc on the Big Pharma Payroll

A shocking percentage of physicians are in deep with Big Pharma… it’s more insidious than we’ve ever known.

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Secret Heals Stomach Ulcers in 7 Days!

Stomach ulcers can make life absolutely miserable. The pain… indigestion… and nausea seem like they never let up. And some mainstream treatments take a month and a half to work! Who wants to wait for that? Well, believe it or not, back in the 1940s, a brilliant Stanford scientist discovered a safe and natural way...

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This Common Snack Food is the KEY to Prostate Health

Brand new study reveals an incredible, simply way to protect your prostate.

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flame-retardant chemicals

Most Americans IGNORE This Household Risk

The advent of flame-retardant chemicals has sparked huge rise in thyroid cancer diagnoses… and we finally know why.

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The Key to Heart Health May Already Be In Your Pantry

Protect yourself from the “silent killer” with this household staple.

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cancer confidential

Government HIDING Cancer Cures?! (Available NOW!)

The U.S. government has been covering up powerful cancer breakthroughs for years. Now we’re revealing EXACTLY where to get them.

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Ancient Remedy SLASHES Alzheimer’s Risk 65%

...spending time in a sauna resulted in a dramatic 66 percent decrease in overall dementia risk and a 65 percent decrease in Alzheimer’s risk.

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This Pain Pill Combo Can KILL You

Linda was rushed to the ER with a serious condition known as serotonin syndrome. It can occur when the wrong pain and depression meds are mixed, and it can end up killing you. Here’s what you need to do to stay safe.

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