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Erin Murphy Erin Murphy

[Alert] Cancer Toxin Found in Blood Pressure Drugs

Big Pharma’s drugs are dangerous enough due to what is supposed to be in them.  But what about what’s NOT supposed to be there?   Well, that can transform them from dangerous to outright deadly.  You see, a popular blood pressure drug – taken by countless seniors – has high levels of a chemical that’s not only NOT supposed to be there…   And this particular toxin is believed...

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Reverse Alzheimer's... in the comfort of your home?!

Last month, I revealed to the world, for the first time, the revolutionary protocol I use in my very own clinic. It’s called the “Brain Resurrection Protocol” … And it REVEALS that in just three simple steps, you could “REVIVE” dead brain cells… IMPROVE your memory by 300%… and REVERSE Alzheimer’s… … starting in just...

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man watching tv

REVEALED! MAJOR Heart Attack Trigger For Seniors

New research proves excess television time is more dangerous than you’d ever imagine.

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food container

[Warning] Household Plastic is Causing CANCER!

Because all of those disposable plates, cups, and utensils are LOADED with a dangerous toxin that causes CANCER.

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