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The fact that mainstream docs are still suggesting seniors take an aspirin a day is an absolute joke. 

They’ll say that it’s safe… that it’s effective… and they’ll even say that it can help you live longer. 

But this couldn’t be a bigger pack of lies. 

Taking daily aspirin is does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for your heart…. and it’s been linked to horrific side effects and even early death! 

And that’s not all… 

Yet another new study proves that it’s time for you to STOP taking aspirin for your heart health. 

Here’s what you need to know… 

New research, published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, reveals that daily aspirin DOES NOT PREVENT HEART ATTACK. 

For the study, more than 19,000 seniors from Australia and America were evaluated for the benefits of taking daily aspirin versus placebo.  

After 5 years, the results were clear… 

Taking daily aspirin DOES NOT help you live longer… and it can actually set you up for a serious hemorrhage.    

That’s right… 

Daily aspirin use is not only USELESS for your heart health but also INCREASES your risk of having a  deadly bleed. 

Even more disturbing? These results have turned up in studies before! 

And yet, mainstream docs all over the world are still recommending a daily dose of aspirin to you and millions of other patients.  

But this study was the last straw for both the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association, both of which are changing their tune about aspirin. 

So, if you or a loved one are still taking an aspirin-a-day, its time you had a very serious conversation with your physician about a safer, healthier course of action.