Ancient Remedy SLASHES Alzheimer’s Risk 65%

Alzheimer’s is probably the scariest disease around, especially for seniors.

But if you ask your typical doctor how you can avoid it, expect a shrug and a blank stare.

He’ll tell you it’s all luck of the draw… you either get Alzheimer’s or you don’t.

But what if that’s not true?

Researchers have just discovered a dead-simple way to slash your risk of EVER developing Alzheimer’s disease by 65%.

The best part? You can get started today.

More than 5 million Americans are dealing with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis right now.

And the numbers are only getting worse.

But you don’t need to be the next Alzheimer’s victim.

A new study from the University of Eastern Finland found that spending time in a sauna resulted in a dramatic 66 percent decrease in overall dementia risk and a 65 percent decrease in Alzheimer’s risk.

Researchers followed 2,315 middle-aged men over the span of 20 years.

Saunas are already very popular in Finland. And the men were divided into three groups: those who spent at least 15-minutes in a sauna four to seven times a week; those who used a sauna two to three times a week; and those who used a sauna once or less each week.

And the results were eye-opening.

The men who used a sauna the most lowered their Alzheimer’s risk 65 percent.

But even using a sauna two to three times a week lowered the risk by more than 20 percent!

That’s a major decrease in Alzheimer’s risk in exchange for relaxing 15 minutes a few times week.

So how do saunas work?

Well, the steam and heat produced by a sauna help your body remove toxins that can interfere with brain function.

Saunas also boost blood vessel function and lower blood pressure – which are both important for keeping your brain healthy.

To reap the benefits of this study, first call your doctor to ensure it is safe that you endure heat and excessive sweating. Saunas aren’t for everyone.

Once you have the go-ahead, simply locate your local gym or spa and schedule regular visits to the sauna.

Remember: the more you go, the lower your risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s!