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gotu kola

Ancient Herb REVERSES Alzheimer’s (60 DAYS)

Having Alzheimer’s is like living in a never-ending nightmare. 

It may take years, but this heartbreaking disease will slowly strip away your memory… and your independence. 

And mainstream medicine only makes things worse. 

They’ll come at you with expensive, risky drugs that won’t give you results. 

But it shouldn’t be this way. You deserve to have a healthy brain for life… without taking drugs. 

Now you can. 

Because researchers have just found an all-natural way to REVERSE Alzheimer’s. 

And it can deliver life-changing results in just 60 days! 

Gotu kola is a modest herb that packs a powerful punch.

It’s been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Its name even means “the herb of longevity.” 

And for good reason.

You see, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University and the Portland VA Medical Center have recently discovered that gotu kola can actually REVERSE Alzheimer’s symptoms!

One study found that patients with memory problems taking 250 to 750 mg of gotu kola every day for just 60 days showed significant improvements in memory and problem-solving.

In another study, seniors with cognitive impairment given 1000 mg of gotu kola a day were able to ace standard mental exams after just six months.

Experts report that gotu kola works because it STOPS the growth of beta amyloid plaques – the root cause of Alzheimer’s!

Big Pharma has spent decades and billions of dollars trying to do this very thing, without ANY SUCCESS. 

This just proves that Mother Nature will always succeed where the mainstream fails. 

Experts recommend starting with 250 mg twice a day and gradually increasing to 500 mg twice a day. 

You can find gotu kola in supplement form or as a tincture.

Or you can grow some in your garden! You can order seeds online – a pack of 200 costs under $5! 

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health