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[Alert] Weird Venom CURES Cancer

When you subscribed to Advanced Health Daily, I promised to bring you the latest health breakthroughs… no matter where they come from.

And today I have a doozy.

Wasps aren’t exactly the most popular critters around… and that probably has a lot to do with their painful stings.

But it turns out those stings could save your life.

Research has shown that wasp venom may be the next great CURE for cancer.

And it may be more powerful and effective than anything else on the market.

So, what’s this big secret about wasp venom?

As it turns out, it has the ability to attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

New research out of the University of Brazil shows that wasp venom targets the unusual arrangement of fats in cancer cell membranes.

The venom then pokes gaping holes in the cancerous membranes, key proteins leak out of the cancer cell, and the cell dies.

The head of the research team explains that this whole interaction happens almost instantly.

So wasp venom kills cancer FAST.

Specifically, the wasp venom studied came from Polybia paulista, a wasp native to Brazil and several other South American countries.

The toxin in the Polubia paulista venom is called MP1, and it’s likely to be developed into novel cancer drugs.

But what’s interesting about MP1 is that it may hit the market sooner than you’d expect.

It’s already available to research labs for experimental purposes.

I’ll be sure to keep my ears open… and will let you know about any developments I hear about with MP1.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health