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[Alert] This “Health” Drink Contains Arsenic!

Companies are making money hand over fist by convincing us that in order for something to healthy it has to be expensive. 

It’s the ol’ “you get what you pay for” motto. 

And some cases – like organic produce and GMO-free foods – that CAN be true.  

But these days, companies are tricking folks into spending lots of money on healthy stuff that could actually be extremely dangerous. 

Case in point: A recent report that found arsenic in a popular healthy drink”. 

Like I said, just because something costs more does NOT mean it’s better for you. 

This is especially true when it comes to bottled water. 

People pay an arm and a leg for the bottled versions of H2O. I’ve seen it in vending machines for as high as $4! 

For water? That’s highway robbery! 

It might – and I mean MIGHT – be worth it if it were better for you than tap water. But not only is it NOT better for your health, it could actually be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. 

Consumer Reports recently found that several popular brands of bottled water contained potentially dangerous amounts of arsenic. 

What does this mean for your health? 

Exposure over time to even “safe” levels has been known to cause changes in your skin, such as swelling and discoloration – not to mention its impact on brain development and liver and kidney function. 

Exposure to toxic levels increases the risk for everything from reproduction harm and heart disease, to brain disorders and cancer. 

And arsenic poisoning can lead to convulsions, seizures, coma – or even death – in as little as 30 minutes! 

Are you getting the picture?  

Despite the fact that the FDA has “allowable lower limits” – there is no safe level of arsenic. Period. 

The specific brands of bottled water found to have DOUBLE the allowable federal limits of arsenic included: 

  • Whole Foods Starkey 
  • Keurig/Dr. Pepper’s  

Predictably, the FDA has not issued a recall for this poisoned water.  

However, Keurig /Dr. Pepper did announce that they would be voluntarily removing these bottles and updating its filtration system. 

Too little, too late! 

Here at Alliance for Advanced Health, we’re not proponents of any kind of bottled water, regardless of the brand.  

Besides the harmful chemicals that could be lurking in the water (and the dangerous lack of oversight that’s involved), most of the water is placed in plastic bottles, which leach even more harmful, cancercausing chemicals into your so-called “healthy” water. 

Yes, you should be drinking plenty of water every day. But to truly make sure it’s good for you – and safe, too – I recommend installing your own whole house filtration system.