[Alert] Stent Surgeries Proven USELESS!

If you or someone you love has ever gotten a stent, than you’ve heard “The Speech.”

You know, the one where some heart doc tells you that the stent is the only way to prop open your arteries.

Maybe he’ll even claim that the stent could save your life.

But what if NONE of that is true?

A new study has just revealed an UGLY secret about stent procedures.

And you should NEVER agree to a stent until you read this.

How effective are stents?

They are no more effective than doing absolutely nothing.

And that’s the truth.

In a new study published in The Lancet, half of a group of patients had a stent inserted while the other half had a fake or “sham” surgery.

Basically, doctors made it look like they were putting in a stent… but they actually did nothing.

And guess what?

Both groups showed the EXACT SAME IMPROVEMENT six weeks later.

That’s right. Stents were no more effective than fake surgeries.

They were USELESS.

Surprised? Don’t be.

There have been other surgical procedures like arthroscopic knee surgery, arthritis surgery, and endometriosis operations that have proven no more effective than placebo.

And some doctors have been complaining for years that stents are wildly overused.

The fact is, surgeries are VERY poorly regulated in America.

Unlike drugs, new surgical procedures don’t really have to prove they’re any more effective than placebo.

And a lot of them aren’t.

If you or someone you care about is considering a stent, do yourself a favor – get multiple opinions.

Stents aren’t the cure-alls they’ve been made out to be.

In fact, they may not be curing ANYTHING.

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