[Alert] Is Retirement WRECKING Your Health?

Retirement was supposed to be the greatest time of your life.

You were going to take up a new hobby… spend more time with the grandkids… maybe even travel a bit.

But researchers have just discovered an alarming trend.

Retirement may actually be destroying your brain.

Here’s exactly what you need to do to stay sharp… and to make sure you’re protecting your brain well into your golden years.

A major new study had some frightening news for seniors.

You lose your short-term memory 40% faster after you retire.

Even if you didn’t love you job, it was keeping you continually mentally stimulated.

But lots of people lose that stimulation when they retire, and that can be very bad for your brain.

Volunteers in the study underwent regular memory tests for more than 30 years, including during their final days in the work force, and during retirement.

These tests looked at things like memory, reasoning, and speech.

The report concluded that retirement “accelerates” your decline in memory.

But this doesn’t mean you have to work forever to stave off dementia!

Professor Gary Cooper, an expert in organizational psychology at Manchester Business School, explains that the more cognitively active you are the more it offsets these risks.

Science shows that most important thing is interacting with other people. And not just the people in your family, either.

So, rather than watch TV all day, you can dedicate a few hours a week to volunteering at a shelter or a hospital. You could even join a club.

As long as you’re keeping your mind and your body busy, retirement won’t steal your spark.

And to further protect yourself from cognitive decline after retirement, be sure to eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking, and drink only in moderation.

You can also incorporate brain boosting supplements into your daily routine. Some of the best dementia-fighting options are turmeric and fish oil. Both are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that not only improve brain health but offer whole-body protection.