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[Alert] Popular Heart Drug KILLING Seniors

If you’re like most seniors, you’d do just about anything to keep a healthy heart.  

But when it comes to some of the mainstreams advice… I’d recommend skipping it.  

Because a recent study showed that a common heart drug taken by millions of people – and recommended by thousands of doctors – is actually doing more harm than good. 

The study prompted major heart organizations to revise their current guidelines. 

And there’s a good chance this is going to impact YOU. 

The “aspirin-a-day” mantra has been perpetuated for decades. It’s a dogma that has been so ingrained in people that tens of millions of people take one daily… whether their doctor recommended it or not. 

It was a great marketing campaign… but it’s terrible health advice. 

Because for 29 million people following these recommendations, it could be doing far more harm than good. 

Last year, three groundbreaking studies showed that taking aspirin had virtually ZERO benefit for adults who only had a low- to moderate risk of heart attack. 


But that doesn’t make it harmless. Because while taking aspirin daily might not do anything good for your heart, it can destroy your gut in the process, causing harmful digestive-tract bleeding. 

In fact, the findings were so compelling that the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology actually changed their guidelines.  

Now, if you are 70 and over and don’t have heart disease, they say NOT to take an aspirin daily for prevention. 

Talk about a total 180! 

Based on these new guidelines, a new study out of Harvard estimated that there are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE CURRENTLY TAKING STATINS WHEN THEY SHOULDN’T BE 

This includes 6.6 million people who take aspirin without their doctor’s recommendation – and 50% of people of 70. 

All told, that adds up to a whopping 29 million people who should not be taking aspirin. 

If you’re in that category, talk to your doctor about these updated guidelines – and more importantly, about safely coming off of these dangerous, unnecessary drugs.