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[Alert] New Alzheimer’s Warning Sign Discovered!

What’s the biggest problem with Alzheimer’s?

Surprisingly, it’s not the expensive and risky drugs that the mainstream uses to treat it.

Instead, it’s the fact that once you’re diagnosed, it’s usually too late to do anything about it.

But what if you could catch it early… before the memory loss and confusion set in?

Science though this wasn’t possible.

Until now…

Because researchers have identified an extremely early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

And it could even show up 10 years before the first symptoms of the disease.

I’m talking about anxiety.

And according to a new study, it could be the first warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

For the research, scientists analyzed data from the Harvard Aging Brain Study, which focused onbrain characteristics during the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

The study included 270 cognitively normal men and women between the ages of 62 and 90 with no active psychological disorders.

For five years, participants were routinely scanned for Alzheimer’s symptoms, including the presence of beta amyloid plaque – the hallmark of the disease.

And the results painted a clear correlation between anxiety and Alzheimer’s.

The participants with elevated amyloid beta levels showed greater symptoms of anxiety before they experienced Alzheimer’s symptoms.

In some cases, their anxiety showed up 10 years before typical Alzheimer’s symptoms.

This means anxiety could be one of the first –and clearest– signs that you could be at risk for this devastating disease.

If you or a loved one are suffering from anxiety, it’s time to talk to yourdoctor about it… before it’s too late.