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[Alert] NEVER Get This Eye Surgery!

Regardless if you’ve had glasses all your life, or if you’ve found yourself squinting more and more as the years go on, vision loss is downright frustrating. 

You’d probably do just about anything to never have to search for your glasses or put contacts in.  

Even if that means opening your wallet for an expensive surgery…  

Like LASIK eye surgery. It’s SUPPOSED to correct your vision. 

But there are some big problems with this procedure that you probably haven’t heard about…  

Over 10 MILLION Americans have undergone eye surgery to fix their vision. 

But I bet most of them didn’t know about this terrifying statistic before they went under…  

The popular procedure LASIK, has a complication rate of 10-30%. 

That’s one to three out of every ten people.  

And if it goes wrong, it can leave you with blurred vision, chronic nerve pain, distorted vision, and seeing halos.  

An eye doctor, who was formerly part of the Food and Drug (FDA) advisory committee, along with many other opticians are calling for LASIK’s approval to be revoked.  

You see, in surgeries like LASIK, a flap is cut into the cornea and slightly repositioned. This changes the way the light is refracted to help “correct” nearsighted or farsightedness when light does naturally hit the proper spot. 

Glasses and contact lenses do the same thing, just not permanently. 

And while LASIK’s permanence may be a great convenience for some, the HIGH chance of something going wrong is downright scary.  

Patient-reported outcomes with LASIK studies were performed as a result. The 312 patients involved were followed for two years after their surgery.  

Researchers found that nearly half of the patients had reported vision problems like double-vision or halos (just THREE MONTHS after surgery).  

Another 28% developed dry eyes after surgery., an advocacy website, is aware of at least 17 people who have COMMITTED SUICIDE after suffering years of pain from LASIK.  

As tempting as it might be to never misplace your glasses ever again, it’s worth giving any kind of laser eye surgery a second thought. 

Be sure to consider less permanent options to correct your vision. 

Glasses and contacts might be a hassle, but they won’t land you with permanent vision damage and unbearable nerve pain if something goes south.