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multiple sclerosis

[Alert] Have YOU Been Misdiagnosed with MS?!

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that takes everything away from you.

You can lose your ability to walk… to see… to control your bladder… and even your independence.

It can take years, but MS will eventually consume your life.

If you’ve received the correct diagnosis, that is.

You see, an appalling number of seniors are misdiagnosed with MS every year.  

And many of them are in DANGER.

Here’s what you need to know…

Shocking new research shows that nearly 1 in 5 people who receive a multiple sclerosis diagnosis actually have other – completely unrelated– conditions.

For the study, researchers analyzed 241 patients diagnosed with MS.

The researchers found that not only 1 in 5 patients were misdiagnosed, but they also received MS medications and treatment for an average of four years before receiving the correct diagnosis.

That’s four years of time, energy, health, and money completely wasted.

Even worse? Those treatments caused 48 percent of falsely diagnosed patients to suffer a rare viral infection and even brain damage.

And the study determined that those unnecessary treatments cost the patients in this study nearly $10 million.

Experts report that being misdiagnosed with MS is so common because this condition can cause symptoms like muscle weakness and dizziness, which are similar to other serious issues like stroke.

And while MS and stroke are very different conditions, they both do neurological damage and are hard to tell apart in brain scans.

Plus, another recent study found that 72 of 110 patients who had been misdiagnosed with MS actually had migraine and fibromyalgia.

MS and migraine attacks also have some symptoms in common, including dizziness and vision impairment.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with MS, there is a 20 percent chance that that diagnosis is in error.

Talk with your doctor immediately about confirming this condition and making sure you are receiving the proper care for the right disorder.